Saturday, 2 February 2008

Melissa Scott

Pastor Melissa Scott, widow of Dr. Gene Scott, has taken over the Los
Angeles University Cathedral after Dr. Scott died in February 2005 from
terminal prostate cancer.

Melissa Scott was born April 12, 1968, as Melissa Pauline Peroff in Italy.
The family moved to Canada then to Massachusettes where Melissa met and
later married Paul J. Pastore, an aspiring adult movie producer. The
couple moved to North Hollywood and wed in Las Vegas in 1992 then began
their work as pornographic producers and directors. Melissa performed as
Barbie Bridges in adult photos and videos produced by Vivid Productions.
The two formed Barbie Bridged Entertainment which has grown to an
international producer and web producer of pornographic video movies
featuring teen agers and every conceivable combination of erotic thrill.

Melissa became coupled with Dr. Gene Scott in 1995 during his pony girl
phase of paying models to attend his church in the front row, while
requiring the rest of the audience to stand and give the ladies an ovation
when they entered. Melissa was one of the group who vied for Dr. Scott's
attentions and assets.

In 1996, Melissa divorced Paul Pastore and Gene Scott divorced his second
wife Christine.

Some doubt the credibility of Dr. Scott's claims that Melissa spoke 15
languages and has an IQ of 186, particularly when Dr. Scott's doctors had
to tell her to stop feeding Dr. Scott herbs which were interfering with
his prostate cancer test results and treatment. Dr. Scott died of terminal
prostate cancer in 2005.

Controvery surrounds Pastor Melissa Scott as she hammers volunteers for
free servitude, demands money to pray for callers and insists that those
who have stayed in her church double and triple their monetary giving and
time to help her make ends meet. This is amid court documents and reports
that she has been liquidating cars, horses, and real estate that Gene
Scott acquired through church donations, to buy herself a downtown L.A.
swank condominium and further her own celebrity preacher and singing

Religious group watchers are baffled with her methods of banning loyals
and harrassing newcomers for their time and money. While preaching to be a
messenger and steward of Dr. Scott's teachings, Melissa Scott has removed
the internet archived teachings Dr. Scott always make awailable for free.
The new broadcast locations and times are filled with Mrs. Scott's novice
sermons, replacing the classics of Dr. Scott.

Recently, Pastor Melissa Scott raised eyebrows within her church by an
about face plan to teach the prosperity doctrine, with a catch. It's
prosperity for her church and the most loyal who have devoted their lives
to it, not for the poor, homeless, meek, weak or disenfranchised.


fujitsu said...

fujitsu said...

Xan Go said...

Melissa Scott is actually a relatively smart woman who has done a genuine and very deep study of the bible. She is not a charlatan when it comes to Bible teachings. Although not necessarily genius, she is definitely way above average as far as televangelists go. Something she bring is a BADLY NEEDED feminine perspective to Bible teachings. For this, I give her kudos.
She is also very pretty and that is obvious from her past pictures as a porn star.
Hey, why not accept her physical beauty as a gift from God? Even her nude posing and acting physical beauty! I won't hold her porn past against her. It's too bad all the christian fuddy duddys don't allow her to be proud of it and celebrate her very obvious physical beauty and her past as someone that celebrated sensuality. Ever read the Book of Solomon?

What I would hold against her is her potentially shady financial dealings. Especially if she is like so many other televangelists who preaches largely to support their lavish lifestyles, rather than living a life of true christian charity - a fundamental ethic of christianity is charity. How does she help the poor and lesser among us. This I'l like to know.

Most spiritual teachers get caught up by one of three traps: Sex, Money, Power.
She's been through the sex stuff, so that's not her hang up.
Power? Perhaps. She may be on some manipulative power trip with her inner circle and church members, hard to tell unless you're part of it.
Money? Again, maybe, maybe not. But, time will tell as it usually does and word from her inner circle leaks out.

So, all in all, kudos for bringing a fresh perspective to Bible teachings. A lot of authentic christians seem to get benefit from her teachings and I congratulate them for seeing beyond her porno past. How deeply she lets the traps of money and power derail her from a commitment to LIVING A SPIRITUAL LIFE is harder to discern and only time (and revelations from her inner circle) will tell.